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Hi, I am Alicia.
I am a petite girl,
with a billion things in my bucket list..
Welcome to my little space.

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What have I done in my past life to deserve so much love?
Monday, August 14, 2017 // 9:08 PM

I just want to write down my feelings today.

Year 4 now, it feels like I've gone a long way since freshman year. It's day 1 of school and I'm not sure if i can do this. I am excited but at the same time, afraid of what's in front of me. But I know I can do it and I will not give up.

Back to the topic so today started off with a surprise. Baby visited me with a present!

He handed me this big heavy box wrapped beautifully with xmas wrapper, how cute. And urged me to open it.

OMG It's a dyson supersonic hairdryer, I know I have been saying and raving about the uses of this hairdryer but never did I expect that I will be holding on to one so soon.

I was shocked, surprised, happy and anxious at the same time. Happy of course, for the lovely surprise but shocked because I never asked for expensive gifts from him, and wouldnt want him to spend 600 on a hairdryer for me. I dont need expensive gifts and would rather he saved the money for himself and his photography hobby. Anxious because I wanted to return it and get back the money - silly me uh. But baby opened the present immediately and I guess that means its now mine.

After recovering from the shock, thinking back about it - I'm happy, blessed and lucky to have someone who loves me so much, who remembers what I lost (my hairdryer went missing from the overseas shipment we sent) and takes note of what I like (I told him about dyson before).

Albeit I never expected him to buy this for me, I am grateful and thankful for having a loving and caring bf who puts me before himself and dotes on me like a princess. I'm indefinitely blessed.

When I returned home, my sister prepared another present for me too. "Is it first day of school encouragement so it's present-giving day?" I wondered. I opened it and saw a lovely warm and cosy Disney UP blanket from Society6. My sister was buying blankets and bedsheets for herself and decided to get one for me with her savings because she knew I was a fan of Disney. Extremely touched.

Mummy was also willing to help me buy (build) a customized wardrobe because I said I needed more space in my room. She even got the contractor down to take the measurements and quote a price.

What have I done in my past life to deserve so much love?

Alicia, you may not be staying in a bungalow, driving a porsche, or owning a successful business yet. But you are loved by your family, boyfriend and friends. You are bestowed good health and priceless relationships. You are a lucky girl. Count your blessings and always have a grateful heart.

Note to self, to always love my loved ones - remember all the awesome things they have done for me and love them equally if not more.


Just some happy memories
Sunday, July 31, 2016 // 7:37 PM

Just want to write down some things that made me smile:

Baby sent me a parcel, and in it there were two rilakkuma Polaroid films. It's not expensive or rare but the feeling is so priceless when I received it. Because I only mentioned it once and he remembered that I have been looking for it online. Thank you for always 把我放在心上. You're the best.

Can't wait to go paint his room together tomorrow! 

P.S. I just found an old email which baby sent me lecture notes when he was chasing me hahaha what a way to chase girls 

I'm going to Sweden + Filming x3
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 // 10:51 PM


GREAT NEWS! My approval to Sweden was approved woohooo, which means bb and I get to go to Sweden together! This is definitely one of the best anniversary gifts we can get hahaha, 13 more days to our 1st year together! Cant wait for husky sledding, northern lights, snowman building and so much more. Gotta make the best out of this 6-month Europe trip!

While I am so happy that I cannot contain, my schedule has been really tight lately with all the filming and presenting. I took four media mods this semester, out of which, three involve filming. And the fourth one is graphic communication, more towards design. They are all so tedious, omg! But I've learnt so much over these past few weeks. I held a light saber, enjoyed a sponsored cafe meal (awesome!) and started a huge project. Life's great as a media student! Feel like writing about my D&D experiences as a set director but I gotta start on my graph comm work first. Note to self, update about D&D when I have more time. :)


Birthday packages with surprises
Thursday, April 2, 2015 // 10:02 PM

I feel like a couch potato now. It has been at least a week since I stepped out of the house. Luckily, there are assignments and the Internet to keep me entertained. Hahaha.

Surprises have been knocking on my door, literally, since a few days ago. On the last day of March, I received a stack of letters, which I initially thought was another one of my dear's get well soon letters. I almost bawled my eyes out when I saw what it was, those colorful slips of paper were filled with kind words from all my friends in school. I was choking with tears and almost bawled my eyes out when I found out how much effort and time my dear went through, just to give me this surprise. The next morning, I received a book and card from my dear girl friend, Zi Xin, and then a postcard from Qing Xi in Australia. My friends always remind me how blessed I am to have them around. 

Times like these make me realise that its the small things with great love that counts.  Sometimes we need sweet little gestures like this to help us understand how much we matter to people, and how much they matter to us. 

Thank you all for making my day so much better than yesterday, I will definitely keep these babies and prezzies in my memory box. It was raining this early afternoon when the postwoman knocked on my door again! I was caught unaware and had a mini heart attack when I saw the big white A3 size parcel, with my name on it. The first thing that came to my mind was that the handwriting looked familiar. "From his name (my baby boy)" Haha, my instant perk me up of the day! 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we cant celebrate my birthday together. Although we are both disappointed about it, we made the best out of these days by skyping and going back to old school msn days! And so, I called him while opening my parcel eagerly, careful not to tear the gorgeous blue cupcake wrapper. It was a big brown cloth box that contained a passport with Eiffel tower prints on it, yay new passport cover that I will be using for our future travel trips together! I was almost about to put the box down when I saw something hiding below the shiny confetti. My heart was leaping bounds of joy, he got my kate spade wallet in my favourite color! Its tough finding a nicely designd wallet, let alone one in tiffany blue! Thank you, I love it and will take care of it, hahaha by making sure I wont overload it with cards which will look like it might explode anytime.

Today was a productive day, I watched a 3 hour recorded lecture, completed my group work and reaction paper! Hurrah! Baby and I were talking about our financial plans, exchange, assignment and so much more. I cant wait for our exchange together, time to save up! *motivation*

One word to sum up the day - happy. Yes! I am feeling so much better today, I can dance, sing and goof around. But I still cant go out haha but its alright. Love came to find me just when I need them. Birthday and surprise packages, love them and their givers to the moon and back!

Forever and always,

A special vow
Wednesday, April 1, 2015 // 5:25 PM

While it was late at night yesterday, I thought of a special vow for my boy.

I vow to love you unconditionally and embrace you in all your forms, to think of your feelings before words are spoken, and to share the warmth of my hugs when words are not needed. I promise to never forget how blessed I am to have my perfect soulmate, my best friend and my only true love to be the same person. No matter what challenges might carry us apart, I promise to have faith in you, and your heart can always find his way home back to me. 

Can't wait for our future lives together!


A few life reflections + yesterday night
Tuesday, March 31, 2015 // 8:11 PM

I am still holding on to my new book, Friend-zoned. Status update: at least half the book was flipped left. Most of my day is spent with it, as I read away into another world. Its not one of the best romance novels I have read, but I will call it an entertaining read. Especially for stay-home days like these.

Its only been a day and I cant believe I am typing away again. Perhaps there is much more motivation to write about life and daily musings when time allows me to.

Yesterday night wasn't one of the usual pleasant nights, somethings happened and we faced departure. I realised the fragility of life and how much we ignore it, until it hits us like an earthquake. No warning at all, and the outcome often leaves us dumbfounded. So much has been happening lately, its swallowing me within but I believe my loved ones and I will stay strong and tide over this together. I have faith in us all, and all of us together.

Its day 2 of quarantine and thankfully, I am feeling so much better. The energy level within me seems to have tripled overnight, and I (mixed feelings) can't wait for this hiatus to end.

I have so much on hand to catch up. With midterms just around the corner, I need some motivation yet I am so happy just curling up with a book, lazing on the couch, drinking my 'sweet' glucose water. Everyday, for two days, this routine has been repeating. As I am recuperating, I did some administrative work on my computer but there are so minor. I need to do something big and efficient, say read a whopping 50 pages of readings or at least 3 lectures, to get myself up and kicking again. But til then. (I downloaded Sims 3, but I seemed to have outgrown the Sims 3 craze. After 2 hours of playing, I officially quitted, without any pleas by anyone! Sounds like a big accomplishment?)

On the side note, I received a parcel in the morning! It was a birthday surprise from one of most beloved girl friend, Zi Xin. She gave me a bright cheerful yellow book packed with 365 pages of fun and entertainment. I shall start writing on them daily starting from my birthday, so that when time comes to review it, it will be my 23rd birthday next year. Nothing can express how a gesture from a friend can touch you deeply in the heart, just seeing her name on the card is enough to make me smile.

I feel blessed. And yesterday night has taught me to cherish what we have. Because in time to come, whats left might only be the memories, not for ourselves, but for the ones we leave behind. In future, I hope to leave positive and happy memories to my loved ones, so everything starts from now.

Mental note: Get working on my revision and strike those off the to-do lists!
But my birthday is coming and I am sick. What to do.


P.S. I always said I will type little but I always end up blabbering on for dinosaur ages. Haha.

Fever + HFMD + Lesson learnt
Monday, March 30, 2015 // 6:36 PM

There has been such a long break since my last post and this. Now, I have more time to update my blog posts, as I will be home for the entire week.

Its not really a bad thing, it means another opportunity to rest. I mean, we are always rushing to complete work and finish the things we are doing, when do we actually get to have a good break. So I guess, I am thankful that I am given this chance, this week.

Its going to be a relaxing week, at home reading my text and catching up on my work. So here's a post on my past week. It wasnt one of the best weeks, in fact, I think it was one of the worst in recent years.

A few days ago, I foolishly dismissed the thought that I might be feeling ill. I was shivering throughout the night, and thought it was the air conditioner that is giving me chills down my bones. The next day, I felt different, my body was heating up like an oven ready to bake a cake. I went out as usual, felt bad, went home, ate medicine and slept. The fever never subsided, it skyrocketed to almost 40 degrees. My mom whisked me to the A&E of Gleneagles after I vomited my meals twice one after another. It was then it dawned upon me, that it might not be just-a-cold after all.

Hand foot mouth disease, from my sister. Previously, she took ill after our trip to Chiang Mai, which took her a few trips to and fro the hospital. We suspected she contracted the hand foot mouth disease from the clinic there. Reminder to self and all, please remember to wear a mask when visiting clinics and hospitals, you never know whats there waiting for its next prey.

The next few days were almost torturous. Spots grew all over my hands and foot, (arms too). To make things worse, the spots were itchy and painful, when in contact with anything, yes even water.

Thankfully, I have a bunch of kind loving souls to make me this whole arduous journey so much more bearable. My mom checked on my temperature day and night 3 hourly without fail, my aunt chopped the food into puree or bite sized pieces so my ulcers will not stop me from eating. And my dear boy, popped by everyday with a surprise and fed me with rochor beancurd. We watched 3 movies over these few days and had a great time, even though we cant get out to celebrate our 6-monthsary! Thank you for packing my hall room, helping my parents make the move easier, it might seem to be a little thing to you but it means a lot to us, and I cant describe how much I appreciate having you around.

This few days have taught me so much, hfmd may be common but it was my first time (and hopefully the last). I have seen the unconditional love given to me by my loved ones, I have been receiving so much care and concern from everyone. I'm deeply thankful because I know I can't do without all of them and hope that one day I can learn to become like them, to give unconditionally out of love.

Lesson to self: Be generous because it is a gift to be able to give.

Update: Its day 4, my spots are clearing and I am feeling much better. Mom got me a new pair of soft squishy slippers with spongebob on them, they look really adorable and never fail to make me smile each time I look down at my feet!